An elected Board of Trustees, composed of a Mayor and four Trustees, governs the Village. The Board is responsible for budget, public safety, sanitation, water, public works, community services, etc. There are two elected Village Justices. Elections are held on the third Tuesday in March annually.

The Board meets once a month at Village Hall, the municipal building.

Mayor:  Lorraine Walsh                                                            

Board of Trustees

  • Carol Miller, Trustee                                                                   
  • Peter Fanelli, Trustee                                                                  
  • Malcolm Frouman                                                                       
  • Carol Casazza Herman                                                               

Justice Court

  • Justice Thea S. Beaver
  • Justice Jerry D. Bernstein

Other Village Officials

  • Administrator/Clerk: Justin Datino                                         
  • Assessor: Daniel Whittemore
  • Attorney: James Staudt
  • Building Inspector: Frank Blasi
  • Court Clerk: Nancy Pagliaro
  • Deputy Clerk & Deputy Registrar: Brian Rilley                      
  • Fire Chief: John Caparelli                                                           
  • Licensing Officer: Brian Rilley
  • Chief of Police: John G. Poleway                                               
  • Prosecutors: James Cinque and Richard Levy
  • Public Works General Foreman: Rick Vetere
  • Recreation Director: Joyce Callahan                                        
  • Treasurer: Denis J. Brucciani
  • Deputy Treasurer: Joanne J. Lanza