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Parking Study 2017

A New Look at Parking in the Village

In support of our commercial district initiative, the Village of Larchmont is taking a new look at on-street and lot parking within the Village boundaries.  After evaluating proposals from four consultants with specialized experience in this area, we’ve retained BFJ Planning to assist us.  By the time you receive this newsletter, you might have already seen BFJ representatives on our streets and in our lots counting spaces and observing usage.

While the Village has evaluated parking before, this is a broader approach which will assess parking capacity, space occupancy and turnover, zoning requirements, permit structure, enforcement, parking lot design and way-finding.  The obvious challenge is that the space used for parking is finite and used by several different stakeholders with different needs – residents, shoppers, merchants and their employees, and commuters.  The project will consider “paid parking” as a tool to increase turnover in the commercial district and provide a new non-tax revenue stream for the Village.    We have built a public engagement component into this project, so don’t be surprised if you’re approached on the street and asked about your parking experience.  BFJ employees will always have identification.  In addition, we will be seeking the thoughts of several other stakeholders like the Chamber of Commerce and the Traffic Commission as we progress.

We anticipate the completion of this evaluation in the Spring and look forward to sharing the results with you.