The Village of Larchmont has many beautiful parks scattered throughout its one-square mile area.  With every changing season, we encourage you to take a stroll or bike ride and see the stunning colors and plantings in each park.

Addison Park

Addison Park is a small park located on Chatsworth Avenue, across the street from Chatsworth Avenue Elementary School. While you’re out shopping, or just waiting for your children to be dismissed from school, it’s a great spot for a short respite.

Constitution Park

Constitution Park is located on Larchmont Avenue, adjacent to Village Hall.  It is the home to one of two gazebos that grace our Village landscape, and is a restful spot to spend a few moments of your day. It is also the site of the Larchmont Arts Festival every September.

DeMatte Park

DeMatte Park is a small island park located on Palmer Avenue.  It is dedicated to the memory of Arthur DeMatte, a Larchmont Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty.

Flint Park

No Dogs Allowed in this Park Due to County Health Code Regulations Enacted for Day Camp.

Flint Park is located at the end of Locust Avenue. It is our largest park in the Village, and is the site for most of our Recreational Activities.  From sports league play, to tennis, to day camp, to just a walk on the nature trails, Flint Park is the place to be.  The park also has a wonderful play area for children, and is home to Larchmont’s American Legion building.

It is the location for the Annual 4th of July Races and the Sprint to Flint Run.

Permits for use of the Flint Park playing fields and tennis courts are required.

Kane Park

Kane Park is located on Boston Post Road, between Beach and Kane Avenues.  It proudly houses the community’s second gazebo, the Marge Piccone Gazebo, which was named after one of our former Co-Chairs of the Larchmont Beautification Committee.

Lorenzen Park

Lorenzen Park is located on Lorenzen Street, just off of Boston Post Road near Larchmont’s border with New Rochelle.  It is our primary field for baseball. Permits for use of the field are required.

Plaza Park

Plaza Park is a quaint little park located on Palmer Avenue near Parkway.  It provides a quiet get-away from shopping or dining in the Village, or to get a few minutes away from the hustle-and-bustle of the day.

Pine Brook Park

Pine Brook Park is located at the intersection of Palmer Avenue and Pine Brook Drive.  The playground equipment has been designed mostly for older children, but on Saturdays in the fall, younger children play kick-ball and t-ball through our baseball league.  Also located in the park is the Dorothy Haigney Garden, which was named after another former Co-Chair of the Larchmont Beautification Committee.

Vanderburgh (Turtle) Park

Vanderburgh Park is located on Palmer Avenue near Vanderburgh Avenue.  While the official maps list this park as Vanderburgh Park, it is most commonly known to our residents as “Turtle Park”.  The playground equipment has been designed mostly for toddlers and younger children, and the park has one of the last sandboxes in Larchmont.

Willow Park

Willow Park is a small park located at the end of Willow Avenue.  This park is mostly used for unstructured play and has a small playground located within its area.


Manor Park – Privately Owned and Operated by The Larchmont Manor Park Society

A waterfront beauty!  Manor Park is entirely owned and operated by the Larchmont Manor Park Society.  Many people visit the park each day for its exceptional views of Long Island Sound.  It is the only park that still allows individuals to bring their dogs for a walk (on leashes).  It is also where you will find the beach facilities, which are open to residents of the 10538 zip code.  For details about this park, or if you would like to take wedding pictures there, contact the Larchmont Manor Park Society on by phone (914) 834-4309 or via email