Stormwater Management Program

Dear Village Residents, Business Owners and Visitors:

On March 10, 2003, the Village of Larchmont began the development of its Stormwater Management Plan, mandated by the United States Department of Environmental Protection and administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.   The plan requires that the Village make every effort to improve the water quality of its streams, lakes and rivers. The Village must implement six (6) minimum control measures including educating the public, soliciting participation and involvement of the public, detection and elimination of illicit discharges, control of construction site runoff, maintenance and operation of post construction structural Best Management Practices and pollution prevention and good housekeeping at municipal facilities.

Recognizing the need for improving the quality of our surface waters, the Village passed legislation in the initial stages of it’s Stormwater Management Program, designed to control the quantity and quality of runoff from new development and redevelopment, and insure that stormwater runoff from a project, once completed, created minimal or no impact on water quality.  Larchmont has been a proponent of maintaining and improving water quality and is part of a municipal consortium working to improve water quality in the Long Island Sound.

View our  Stormwater Report – 2014 . Stormwater Report- 2015  Stormwater Report-2016   Stormwater Report- 2017

Read our Stormwater Bulletin, view the Environmental Protection Agency’s brochure entitled “After the Storm“, and learn  what you can about improving stormwater quality by visiting the following websites:

Village of Larchmont at
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at
NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation at
Long Island Sound Watershed Inter-municipal Council at
Center for Watershed Protection at
County of Westchester at  (also for Household Chemical Waste Disposal and Pet Waste Management information)

Lorraine Walsh, Mayor


Honorable  Lorraine Walsh

Village Board of Trustees                              
Honorable Carol Miller

Honorable Pater Fanelli

Honorable Malcolm Frouman

Honorable Carol Casazza Herman



For  further information on Village efforts, please contact Rick Vetere, Stormwater Management Coordinator, at (914) 834-6965.
To volunteer to help with Stormwater matters for the Village, contact Brian Rilley, Deputy Village Clerk, at (914) 834-6230, press 1.

Fill out our Stormwater Questionnaire if you would like to provide comments to the Village on stormwater issues.

To report sightings of illicit discharges, please click on the “Contact Us” portion of our website and submit your comments to us.

Remember to check out our Are You Ready for an Emergency brochure  for details on what you should do in storm emergencies.

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